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Dr. Stuntz:

Daniel Elliot Stuntz was born on March 15, 1909 in Milford, Ohio. He received his B.S. degree from the University of Washington in 1935 and his Ph. D. from Yale in 1940. After 18 years of teaching, he was made Professor of Botany at the University of Washington, a position he kept until his death in 1983.

In addition to being a dedicated teacher of Botany and Mycology, his efforts helped establish the fungal herbarium at the University of Washington and his interest as bibliophile became a legacy of numerous rare books on Botany to the University. Indeed, his many interests as musician, composer, and gourmand, as well as his devotion to sharing his knowledge, time, and unending energy teaching mycology to students and the general public for 40 years, inspired widespread respect, affection, and love. It is to honor such a man and his life's work that the Stuntz Foundation was established.

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Current Officers and Trustees of the Stuntz Mycology Fund and Daniel E. Stuntz Memorial Foundation

Joanne Young, President (2022)
Milton Tam, Vice President (2020)
Lynn Phillips, Treasurer (2021)
Erica Cline, PhD, Trustee (2020)
Robert Edmonds, PhD, Trustee (2022)
Don Moore, Trustee (2022)
Dennis Oliver, Trustee (2021)
Fred Rhoades, PhD, Trustee (2022)
Randy Richardson, PSMS President, Trustee
Dick Sieger, Trustee (2021)

Thanks to our many past trustees: Joe Ammirati PhD, Ferris Anderson, Gilbert Austin, Patrice Benson, Molly Bernstein, Margaret Dilly, Lorraine Dod, Dean Glawe PhD, Kern Hendricks, Hildegard Hendrickson PhD, Monte Hendrickson, Carl Hermanson, David Hosford PhD, Bryce Kendrick PhD, John Kunz, Coleman Leuthy, Susan Libonati-Barnes PhD, Marian Maxwell, Karin Mendell, Lorelei Norvell PhD, Marshall Palmer, Ron Post, Bob Ramsey, Judy Roger, Jennifer Slack, Reba Tam, Mary Taylor, Kim Traverse, Steve Trudell, Doug Ward, Lee Whitford, Benjamin Woo, Jean Zatochill.


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