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Support for the Stuntz Mycology Fund, the Daniel E. Stuntz Memorial Foundation, and/or the Daniel E. Stuntz Memorial Foundation Endowed Fund

Contributions to Stuntz Mycology Fund, the Daniel E. Stuntz Memorial Foundation, and the Stuntz Endowed Fund at the University of Washington help advance the understanding of Pacific Northwest fungi in different ways. All three are 501(c)(3) organizations and donations are tax deductible.

The Stuntz Mycology Fund provides grants to support mycological research and education activities by institution-affiliated and individual scientists, teachers, students, and citizen scientists. Grants provide funds for researcher expenses such as supplies, equipment, travel, and molecular analyses including DNA sequencing, which is an increasingly necessary aspect of current research. For many students, there are few other options for meeting these expenses. The SMF is a good choice for gifts of any size, but especially for smaller gifts that can be put to work right away.

The Daniel E. Stuntz Memorial Foundation's role is to hold and provide funds for the SMF. Up to 10% of the DESMF's total corpus (total amount owned by the Foundation) can be allocated for grant-making by the SMF each year. Contributions will help the SMF continue its support of mycological study well into the future. This is a good choice for donations of any size, and is preferred for bequests, gifts of stock, or larger cash gifts.

The Daniel E. Stuntz Memorial Foundation Endowed Fund was established in 2007 for the benefit of the University of Washington Herbarium of the Burke Museum's fungal collections. The Endowment currently is of modest size but the earnings do provide several thousand dollars per year that the Herbarium staff uses very efficiently to accept, document, and archive fungal specimens. This reliable contribution makes a critical difference in the operation of the Herbarium, which is not well-funded by the University. However long-term care of the collection would be greatly enhanced by adding an Assistant Collections Manager for fungi to the Herbarium staff. Funding such a position will require a substantial increase in the endowment and we would welcome donations to help make it a reality and strengthen the Herbarium, which is a very important regional and national resource.

Please contact us if you are considering a donation and would like to discuss how it would best fit your desires and personal situation.

Contributions to the Stuntz Mycology Fund or Daniel E. Stuntz Memorial Foundation can be mailed to:

Daniel E. Stuntz Memorial Foundation (or Stuntz Mycology Fund)
6518 Woodlawn Ave. N
Seattle, WA

Please include your name, address, and telephone number.

Gifts to the DESMF Endowment can be made through the Daniel E. Stuntz Memorial Foundation, or directly to the University of Washington. Find the fund at https://www.washington.edu/giving/make-a-gift and search for "Daniel E. Stuntz".


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