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Grant Program Guidelines

Foundation Granting

The former DESMF Grants Program is now administered by the Stuntz Mycology Fund, whose website is currently under construction. For the current versions of our Grant Guidelines and application forms, please contact the Chair of the SMF Grants Committee, Dr. Steven Trudell, at mycecol[at]uw.edu.

Past Grant Recipients:

  • M.S., Stephen Rehner, 1984

    Thesis title: "A survey of agarics in Artemisia-Agropyron shrub-steppe and Salix communities of Grant Co., Washington"
  • M.S., Lu-hsi Shih, 1986 (non-thesis)

    "Basidia cytology of Laccaria species"
  • Ph.D., Stephen Rehner, 1989

    "Systematics, Mating Compatibility and Ribosomal DNA Variation in Agrocybe, section Pediadeae"
  • M.A.T., Judy Stanhope, 1990

    “A comparative study of the upper cortex of Platismatia glauca from rural and urban habitats in western Washington state”
  • M.S., Glenn Walker, 1995 (non-thesis)

    “A preliminary study of the macrofungus species richness in mature and old-growth Picea sitchensis/Tsuga heterophylla forests of the Olympic Peninsula”
  • Ph.D., Yajuan Liu, 1995

    “Molecular evolutionary studies of Dermocybe and Cortinarius species”
  • M.S., Marcangelo Puccio, 1996 (non-thesis)

    Paper: “Distribution of RAPD phenotypes in a natural population of Coprinus velox”
  • Ph.D., Katie Glew, 1998

    “Distribution and Diversity of Alpine Lichens: Biotic and Abiotic Factors Influencing Alpine Lichen Communities in the Northeast Olympic and North Cascade Mountains”
  • Ph.D., Lorelei Norvell, 1998

    “The biology and taxonomy of Pacific Northwest species of Pheocollybia Heim (Agaricales, Cortinariaceae)”
  • Ph.D., Michelle Seidl, 1999

    “Systematic studies in Cortinarius (Agaricales, Cortinariaceae) subgenus Myxacium, sections Defibulati and Myxacium in western North America”
  • M.S., Briana Timmerman, 1999

    “Dispersal in epigeous basidiomycetes: What the probability of spore settlement into various habitats and the size and relatedness of genets suggest about how fungal populations evolve and spread”
  • M.S., Suzanne Joneson, 2003

    “Ramalina of the Kuril Islands -- Phylogenetics of the Ramalina almquistii species complex”
  • Ph.D., P. Brandon Matheny, 2003

    “Molecular Systematics and Taxonomic Contributions Towards the Inocybaceae
  • Ph.D. Noelle Machnicki: in progress (Co-supervisor Josh Tewksbury) – UW

  • Ph.D. Lili Fang: in progress - UW


Grant Program Guidelines

Application Forms

Past Grant Recipients